'Twin Peaks' Tarot Card Art Is Simply Divine

For Mackey, the actual real challenge was matching each character up with his or even the woman's respective Tarot equivalents. "The Log Lady because the mystic Substantial Priestess and Dale Cooper because the Magician who 'longs to see' had been obvious choices, whereas some other cards had been really tough call," he wrote throughout a contact for you to Your Huffington Post. "I did my better to respect the attributes involving each character and also card significance, having fun with symbols and tweaking meanings slightly for far better deck cohesion and also internal logic."

Who easier to divine the long term when compared with Laura Palmer, Audrey Horne, Dale Cooper as well as the gang? Inspired by simply Pamela Colman's standard Tarot illustrations, Mackey infuses the actual rich reputation Tarot with some pop culture savvy, guaranteeing even your future predictions occur with a small http://www.facebook.com/tarotcard dose associated with nostalgia.

Artist Benjamin Mackey has established a new Tarot deck certain to please the actual occultist Lynch lovers inside your http://tarot-portalen.dk life. (If you do not have got any, it could be time for you personally to rethink your lifetime choices.)

See a few of our own favorite cards below, as well as head to Mackey's website with regard to his version of the 22-card Significant Arcana set. Always Be careful having enjoyable with Tarot, kids. Bob doesn't mess around.
02/08/2016 05:19:01

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